We love to guide you in the beautiful nature we have around us! Anders Folkesson, who is a landscape architect, can tell a lot about the landscape of the region; the history, the geology, the land-use, the vegetation…. He knows all the unmarked paths and a number of hidden, beautiful places that only very few people have visited. What do you want to see, where do you want to go? – We will take you there! Or – just let us lead you to our own favorite spots!

Canoeing on river Rönneå

Some examples of guided tours:

VOLCANO TOUR: Around Höör are appr. 200 extinct volcanos, eroded by several ice ages and seldom very high, but nevertheless very interesting. Tours can include many different volcanos or focus on any of the bigger, i e Ulfsbjäret.

SÖDERÅSEN NATIONAL PARK TOUR: Hiking in the dramatic gorge of Skäralid and/or the mysterious circular lake Odensjön.

MEDITATION HIKE IN THE BOGS OF AGERÖDS MOSSE: In this hidden area that very few know of, there is a sense of northern wilderness. This quiet place suits very well for a spiritual hike, where we spend some of the time meditating.

CANOEING ALONG RIVER RÖNNEÅ: River Rönneå is very pastoral, as it meanders softly through pastures and deciduous forest. At some points, though, there are some more demanding streams to pass…

CANOEING ON LAKE RINGSJÖN: Even if this is a quite large and open lake, it has a special atmosphere. Around the lake we find the monastery Bosjökloster and there is also a place to buy fresh fish.

BICYCLE TOURS AROUND HÖÖR: The area around Höör is very diverse, and the character shifts quickly when you go by bike. There are also lots of small roads and paths, away from the noisy traffic.