Welcome to Sövröds Hage!

We´re in the middle of Skåne, where agricultural plains meet deep forests. Here you find an old – and quite small – farmstead. Since 2013, we have constructed a garden, but also renovated the overgrown pastures and once again introduced grazing animals. The 7 hectare property is now a small paradise of garden and landscape, a place open for visitors who want to be inspired by modern garden/landscape design, who wants to stay a few days in an incredibly calming environment or enjoy some of the mindful events we arrange.

The garden, the beautiful pastures and the surrounding forest – all very quiet and serene – allow you to find your inner peace. A place to recover from the stresses and struggles of everyday life.

Anders Folkesson, landscape architect

We’re offering accomodation and wellness events such as yoga sessions, meditation/mindfulness and guided tours in the garden and in the surrounding nature. Welcome!

Please feel free to take a litte tour across the property through the picture gallery below.

How to get in contact with us:

Mail: anders.folkesson@slu.se Phone: +46-708-821514 Address: Sövrödsvägen 5, 243 94 Höör