Welcome to Sövröds Hage!

We´re in the middle of Skåne, where agricultural plains meet deep forests. Here you find an old – and quite small – farmstead. Since 2013, we have constructed a garden, but also renovated the overgrown pastures and once again introduced grazing animals. The 7 hectare property is now a small paradise of garden and landscape, a place open for visitors who want to be inspired by modern garden/landscape design, who wants to stay a few days in an incredibly calming environment or enjoy some of the mindful events we arrange. We now also deliver nature-based rehabilitation to people with fatigue, mild depression, post-covid etc. This green rehab is organized by the regional healthcare (Region Skåne).

The garden, the beautiful pastures and the surrounding forest – all very quiet and serene – allow you to find your inner peace. A place to recover from the stresses and struggles of everyday life.

Anders Folkesson, landscape architect

We are regularely arranging retreats, containing ingredients such as yoga, meditation, forest bathing and sharing circles. We also sometimes arrange concerts from the outdoor stage. Guided tours in the garden can be arranged at request. Contact info at the bottom of this page. Welcome!

Please feel free to take a litte tour across the property through the picture gallery below.

CONTACT: Mail: sovrods.hage@gmail.com Phone: +46-708-821514 Address: Sövrödsvägen 5, 243 94 Höör